Site News

- Updated 06/07/09:

You may have noticed a new link in the header “Game Screenshots”.
Over the next while we will be adding several game screenshots for every game that we list. Hopefully this will give you a much better idea of the games before actually signing up to play.
You can either browse all screenshots through that link but also games will now show any images for that game directly on the game’s page.
We’re toying with the idea of adding in game videos also so stay posted..

- Updated 12/02/09:

We are working on a complete redo of the site. If the response is good then we have many other plans that would be started shortly.
There is a poll up now so you can help us make a better and more fun place to be.

- Updated 25/04/08:

Hi everyone.

I’ve started adding some flash rpg games to the site under the “RPG Flash Games” Category.
Click the title of the game so you can play only that game on it’s own page!

Let me know if you like the idea. Or if you want to add some just use the “Contact” link above and I’ll see if I can find them or you can just give me the link.

Hi everyone,

 I hope you like the new site.

 We’ve added alot of cool new features like the ability to rate games, comment on games, search and submit games.
 I’ve still got a few things planned that I’m getting to shortly.

For now I’ve brought over all the games from the previous site but watch out for mega amounts of new games being added to the list shortly.

You can post your comments here to let me know what you’d like to see or general discussin on the site.

If you haven’t registered already do so now Here.



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